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Congratulations on deciding to build a garage!
If you need free garage plans for your project, you came to the right place. Building a garage can be a very rewarding project both in terms of adding value to your home but also in the satisfaction of building a beautiful space for your stuff!

The first step in building a garage is to realize that you can do it yourself! Yes, you will need to call in specialty contractors but you can remain in charge and guide the process from start to completion. It really is a fun way to build something that you can be proud of.

A garage can be an ideal space for a studio, an automotive workspace, a storage center or even a great place to make a workshop! You are only limited by your imagination. There is also no limit to the number of designs and variations that you can choose to build. In fact, every garage is unique in it's own way.

The first step in building a garage is to check with your local government authority to determine what are the governing bylaws in your area. Some cities and towns require a formal garage plan once you are beyond a specific square footage. For example, in the area where I live I had to submit a formal garage plan if the size of the garage was going to exceed 530 square feet. This plan would then have to be approved by a civil engineer or an architect.

I decided to stay within the 530 square foot requirement so I was able to submit my own informal garage plans that I drew up myself for free.

Next I applied for the actual permit to build the garage itself. The permit included a number of inspections to be conducted at each step of construction. One inspection to check the foundation and footings, another to examine the framing and a final inspection when the garage was completed.

Your local requirements may vary considerably but best is to check before you start! You can print off any of these free garage plans and take them to your city clerk office as a preliminary step to show them what you intend to build. They will often help guide you in the right direction depending on the scale of your project.

The next step for building a garage is contacting some skilled tradesmen who can help with the actual construction. You can do all the work yourself but for a professional job, you will need these key people. 1) Concrete supplier. This contractor can come and estimate the exact amount of cement you will need for the foundation and footings. 2) A framer (carpenter). This person can build the actual structure from lumber. Usually you will want to choose between a 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 construction. 3) A siding guy. You guessed it, someone that installs siding, rain gutters, soffit and trim. 4) A roofer to do the shingles. 5) A garage door supplier and installer. 6) An electrician. That's it! With a team like this in place, you will have no problem in constructing a professional looking structure that you can be proud of!

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